Microsoft Releases Workaround for RC4 Installer Bug

A couple years ago, I published this article in regards to an RC4 bug with the SCOM installer that effectively kills the  installation of SCOM when RC4 is disabled on a system. MSFT has now published a workaround here.  It’s not ideal in my opinion as I think the installer should be addressed, but it does provide a workaround.

Speaking of installers, at SCOMathon this week, it was brought to my attention of another bug with the SCOM installer involving group managed service accounts. Simply put, the installer doesn’t handle them out of the box, which makes it impossible to add additional management servers after adding group managed service accounts. This defeats the purpose in my opinion of doing this as the old service accounts are still required.

For those with access to UserVoice, I have published a request to this link. Please upvote if you have votes remaining.

Thank you.